Access to Visual Information Is a Human Right.

Join our mission to remove visual barriers and make the world more accessible by empowering the blind and low vision (BLV) community with ready access to assistive technology. Learn about the values that motivate us every day, and find out how you can get involved.

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Our Core Values

We come to work every day driven by a guiding set of principles that inform everything we do.

  • We Are Powered by People
  • We Pursue Excellence & Hold Ourselves Accountable for Results
  • We Embrace Change and Agility
  • We Act with Integrity, Transparency, Dignity and Respect
  • We Are Champions of Inclusion, Diversity and Accessibility

Making a Meaningful Impact, One Call at a Time.

Join Our Mission—Work with Aira.

At Aira, you're not just an employee; you’ll play a vital role in transforming lives and empowering the blind and low vision community through access to visual information.

Immediate Impact

See your work change lives in the moment for people who are blind or have low vision.

Inclusive Culture

Be part of a diverse team united by a mission to make the world more accessible.


Contribute to a larger purpose by breaking down barriers and empowering individuals.

Hear It Straight from Our Team Members.

Testimonial from Melissa N., a Visual Interpreter at Aira

“Being an Aira Agent is more than a job. It means contributing to a crucial mission and joining a close-knit, supportive community that believes in building a better world. Every day, I have the incredible privilege of connecting with people who encourage me to grow into a stronger communicator, a more creative problem solver, and a more patient, empathetic individual.

This role is a fun, challenging opportunity to be a part of something highly impactful and truly unique. There is nothing quite like Aira, and there is no place I'd rather be.”

— Melissa N., Visual Interpreter
Testimonial from Carla K., a Learning & Development Manager at Aira

“Aira’s mission is what initially drew me in, and it’s what keeps me passionate about my work every day. Here, we understand that what we do truly matters. What sets Aira apart is our culture of collaboration and continuous learning. We don’t shy away from challenges; we embrace them as opportunities to figure things out together and to constantly improve.

If you’re seeking a workplace that combines a meaningful mission, a collaborative and learning-driven culture, and a commitment to excellence, Aira is the place where your professional journey can flourish.”

— Carla K., Learning & Development Manager
Testimonial from Noah T., a Visual Interpreter at Aira

“I love having the flexibility to choose my own schedule! No where else have I been able to do such fulfilling work but from the comfort of my own home. Aira makes it easy to become passionate about what I do!”

— Noah T., Visual Interpreter

Rewarding Work, Rewarding Benefits

Competitive Pay

Plus, earn a shift differential for nighttime and weekend hours.

Benefits & Perks

Enjoy employer-supported health insurance, paid sick leave, and an annual tech stipend.

100% Remote Work

Work from anywhere—we’re fully remote and always will be.

Supportive Environment

Join a supportive, integrated work environment with paid training opportunities.